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Maroli Indian Kerala  restaurant has been a recognised name among the Indian restaurants in Toronto over the past 8 years.Maroli  Indian Restaurants Toronto Delivers Indian food in downtown Toronto area  .

Our award-winning Indian restaurant, Maroli, is the only place in Toronto where you can enjoy authentic Malabar food. Renowned for its taste and subtlety, Malabar cuisine originated in the southern Indian state of Kerala – which for centuries has been a melting pot of cultures (Indian, Dutch, British, Arab, Chinese), all of whom have influenced the food of the region. The result is food that is spicy and flavorful but never overpowering – indeed as one satisfied customer remarked – “This is food that caresses the tastebuds awake”. Our speciality dishes include , Fish Moilee, Meen pollichathu, Beef Syrian.Apart from its Malabari dishes maroli also have wide variety of north-Indian dishes on its menu. Maroli’s Butter chicken is rated best in Toronto by Food network. Besides its restaurant on Bloor, Maroli offers takeout, home delivery, and catering services for private parties as well as corporate events.

Our corporate clients include CIBC,IBM,IGATE,WESTERN UNION……

Malabar is a magical place of waving palms, pristine beaches and stunning backwaters located on the south-western coast of India. It is also home to some of the finest food to be had in the country.

Malabar is noted for its variety of pancakes and steamed rice cakes, biryani made of mutton, chicken, egg and fish. Arikadaka, a concoction of rice , fennel and coconut filled in mussels and steamed are a Malabari gem . Meen moilee (a Greenish yellow fish curry ), Mathi Fry (Pan Fried Sardine), Oyster stewed in Coconut sauce or a Pan Fried Sardine are also staples of a Malabari diet. olath erachi (fried mutton or beef are amongst the more popular meat items in the region. Another interesting feature is the abundant use of coconut, coconut oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coconut milk.